Analytics Answers

Detailed and targeted insights for assured business
decision making and improved processes

Travel insurance app for Tesco Bank that allows users to get instant quotes and let them purchase the insurance policy on the fly.

An App for MGH Group – a leading logistics company, to help their clients from automobile sector, to track their shipment, analyse shipping line performance & incident management.

General Analytics

It is pointless to have a website but not to understand exactly how your traffic is using this service. By having these answers then business owners can implement dedicated direction based on fact rather than fiction. We deliver the power of big-data analytics to the point of decision making in order to help business owners improve performance.

Paid Search Answers

Any paid campaign can only deliver results if it is managed correctly. By delivering detailed understanding then your advertising budget can truly fly by delivering the results you need to maximise ROI.

We generate insights that provide this direction for actionable implementation, enabling business managers to become productive rather than simply wasting time.

Marketing Automation

We provide deeper insights about your website users and their behavior through Web Analytics, and then use it for Marketing Automation to create measurable successful outcomes. Marketing automation is the use of software to automate your marketing process in order to make this more efficient and far more effective.

Items such as customer segmentation, customer data integration, and campaign management are all areas that can be placed on steroids through the use of marketing automation software. Do not forget – this is only ever as good as your team to manage it appropriately!

Technology Stack

Google Analytics
Open Web Analytics
Moz Keyword Explorer
Motor Tool

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