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Its simply not Digital Marketing these days – its marketing as a whole and therefore everything should utilise digital success to understand and expand your overall message. i5 are a digital company but put together with traditional values targeted to achieving superior marketing performance just for you!

Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing is massively confusing and is ever evolving. It is therefore critical to have a business-aligned strategy that is targeted towards maximising your return on investment.

We put together a detailed strategy that includes baseline metrics, the latest digital insights and code / information integration in order to remove the weight from your stretched resource. This entire process will be highly targeted to your business and importantly your industry.

Integrated Digital Marketing

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - Aristotle

In these ever more technical times then this statement could not be truer! Any campaign must be aligned, online or off, above the line or below, it does not matter, everything must be delivered in an aligned, integrated strategy. By being aligned then every element of your marketing will be driving your business success.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is always referred must be aimed at gaining an optimised website message using user-centric design, quality content and citations. It needs multi-disciplinary skills both on and off line to maximise your online visibility.

Its about getting the right traffic at the right time to the right page and we are masters at this!

PPC Management

Managing a PPC campaign is not simply bidding more than your competitors. We must deliver the best traffic by providing information that is exactly targeted to what they searched for this therefore underlines why they should visit your website.

We work tirelessly to squeeze out the best return on investment from your paid advertising budget and importantly, we report this in a way that enables you to understand how we can improve and maximise.

App Store Optimisation

In this complicated age then simply having an app is not good enough. It is mission critical to have a Good App that is actually highlighted within the App Store.

To optimise this process across iTunes and the Google Play Store then we will work with you in order to optimise and ensure that you get the ranking and visibility you deserve.

Social Media Marketing

It’s rare that social media will deliver all your online traffic however, social media is a highly effective and efficient medium to interactively engage with targeted users!

You will need careful planning, messaging and use of technology to get your brand and marketing message across to the ideal demographic but importantly, you will also need to answer any feedback you receive effectively to maximise all social channels.

Facebook Apps

We will create engaging Facebook Apps to engage your target audience through interesting content, contests, games and quiz’s. We manage these campaigns end-to-end in order to provide the desired outcome.

Media Buying & Planning

Media planning, buying and management is key to driving the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) from your digital advertising spend. This medium provides the flexibility to change targeting, messaging and the call-to-action in real-time and therefore needs an expert to manage this for you.

Our dedicated managers will guide you through this complicated process with their detailed understanding of both your market and your desired audience to gain the most from your budget.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

It’s all well and good to deliver more and more traffic to your website but, its making sure this traffic is actually doing what you want it to do that makes the difference! Always be testing is the key to good marketing.

We delve into our years of experience to help improve the conversion from your website and landing page’s. We utilise many different forms but include A/B and Multi-variate testing to bring the maximum ROI as you generate extra business from the same visitors!

Landing Page Design

You need quality landing pages in order to run campaigns effectively. By building a page dedicated and targeted to your specific keywords or terms then you can optimise the returns you expect.

We help with detailed creation of high-converting campaign collateral aimed at driving more customers that importantly, convert to your business.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most potent marketing tools currently available. People buy from those whom they respect and trust.

Content marketing creates confidence by continually engaging your market place with on theme quality information thus keeping them engaged with your brand at the ‘front of mind’!

Email Marketing

Email marketing delivers the highest ROI among all digital marketing mediums, if done correctly.

It will engage your audience and convert when they have a need for your offering. We design, implement and manage your plan and execute your email marketing calendar to precision.

Online Reputation Management

It is business critical to build and manage a clean reputation enabling you to tell your story effectively online. If you don't, someone else will - and you may not have a control over that.

We help you build and manage your online reputation through online PR and story-telling and can manage any fall out received from previous activity.

Marketing Automation

Our Marketing Automation services truly makes a difference and enables you to put your marketing on steroids.

We help to create the right customer segmentation, business rules, triggers, lead scores and integrate this with your email marketing and content marketing to derive the absolute maximum return for your investment.

Website Maintenance

Your website will only ever deliver results if it is at the cutting edge of your industry therefore, keeping it up to date is essential in this ever-changing world in which we live.

We maintain your website through our full-service delivery teams to ensure you receive a time-bound one-stop solution. We ensure speed, security, freshness and brand styling for your digital assets in this everchanging technological landscape through our creative, technology and digital marketing services.

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